Residential Service

Our home pest control service provides complete protection from pests. The initial service consists of a special dual-barrier treatment that targets your home foundation as well as the landscape area adjacent to your home.

The first barrier consists of a unique micro-encapsulated pesticide designed with patented iCap Technology. This barrier is applied around the home foundation, around doorways, along window sills, and around garage doors, distributing long lasting protection.

“Smaller microcaps release the active ingredient quickly for immediate control, while larger microcaps remain intact and release the active ingredient later for long-lasting, residual control. This sets iCAP technology apart from other microencapsulated formulations on the market.”

Dual-Barrrier Protection

The second barrier targets the landscape areas adjacent to the home. This is a granular pesticide that gets below the landscape rock and forms a barrier in the soil. The clay-based Verge technology is specifically designed to distribute quickly at the ground surface and provide an effective barrier for various pests.

“A unique, clay-based granule, Verge breaks down quickly to release the active ingredient and disappear into the landscape. Virtually dust- and odor-free. Combining the proven molecule in Talstar with the proprietary fast-acting zeta-cypermethrin, Talstar XTRA acts very fast but it doesn’t sacrifice the residual.”

In addition to our dual-barrier pest protection system, our pest control service provides rodent control as well as single story eave sweeping for wasp nests and spider webs. Our home pest control service will leave you with the peace of mind you need to live your life without fear of pests.